Leah Masih – Marketing and Admissions – St Augustine’s Priory

School Reel are simply masters at what they do! Our film is a beautiful representation of our values and exceeded all expectations – we are delighted with it!

Andrew (Director) was fantastic to work with from the onset. He understood us, our values and ethos upon the first meeting, making it a highly collaborative and enjoyable process, combining our vision with Andrew’s experience and obvious talent behind the camera.

Matt (Cameraman and Editor) had excellent attention to detail and knowledge of what works beautifully on camera. He was thorough and patient, capturing and editing the most stunning visuals.

Andrew and Matt are an absolute joy to work with! They are professional, creative, passionate and have wit in spades. They were excellent at engaging the girls and staff making our three filming days enjoyable for all involved. Nothing was ever too much trouble, they were always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our film was, in Andrew’s words: ‘a thing of spectacle and glory’.

I am so glad we found School Reel – I cannot imagine anyone else doing such a stellar job! I would thoroughly recommend School Reel to anyone seeking a truly bespoke and stunning film!