About School Reel

School Reel was established in 2011 by Andrew Mills as an innovative and creative approach to school marketing and film production which brings together a collective of educators, media experts and filmmakers.

Andrew started his career at the BBC and having worked for eight years in media, made the decision to change direction and became a secondary school English and Media Studies teacher. In this role he was able to combine some of the knowledge he had acquired through his media training and transpose it into the school environment and it was in doing this that he was inspired to create the company now known as School Reel.

Having worked as a teacher for five years before moving into film production, Andrew was able to use his knowledge of the classroom and school situation to fashion informed and relevant videos for schools to market themselves. We at School Reel know what it is that parents, senior leaders and governors want to see and it is this intrinsic understanding that separates School Reel from the rest of the pack.

But School Reel isn’t just Andrew anymore – we have a great team of camera operators and editors with a wealth of television and film experience to draw from. Our team is growing all the time and each new team member brings original and innovative ideas to ensure your film pops off the screen and leaves your audience wanting to know more. We have all the latest film-making technology at our fingertips and use state-of-the-art equipment to bring your institution to life – jibs, sliders, pocket and cinema cameras – all used and all included on every shoot!

Our videos are bespoke according to your requirements, but you can be sure that with School Reel there is a foundation of knowledge that you can depend upon to create the right film for you.