What to Expect

The following is a breakdown of what to expect from our ground level packages.

This is where we start from, but of course it’s up to you how we approach your film – you’re the boss!

The process begins with a meeting to establish exactly what you’re looking to promote about your school where, if you’re happy to go ahead with the film, we would write up a treatment (loose framework) and send it to you for any additions or to remove anything you’re not sure about.

After this we timetable the days you would like to film and then we come in, ensuring to capture everything we’ve discussed in the meeting and treatment.

All our team hold current DBSs, meaning that we can work with minimal disruption to your school day and will not require additional staff to look after us as we walk around the site – unless this is something you would prefer, of course.

Two week’s after the last day’s filming we’ll deliver your beautiful new film for your website or for however you would like to use it.